Definition e-learning

The generic term e-learning covers all types of electronic learning. Whether texts, images, videos or audio files – everything we can use as a digital-didactic medium can become e-content (or eContent). In that sense, even reading this post is already a form of e-learning … ?

In our accelerated world, information quickly becomes outdated as soon as it is printed on paper. However, this does not mean that they are worthless or that digital information is more durable.

What are the advantages of e-learning?

In my opinion, e-learning is a logical evolution of analog learning. The advantages are obvious: information can reach everyone worldwide in a fraction of the time. Learning objects (LO) can be reused and rearranged across courses. At the same time, the content is available anytime and anywhere. We therefore speak of location and time-independent learning.

E-learning also brings other benefits that are often not valued enough in the day-to-day professional world: comparable and audit-proof instruction and increasing employee competencies, while reducing the workload of all employees.

How does mobile learning work?

Electronic learning is particularly attractive for working people. After an eight-hour day, there is usually little time or motivation to pursue private education. This is precisely where e-learning comes in with its general availability: The e-learning platform can be accessed on all digital devices and from anywhere. You learn when you have the time and inclination and continue your lessons where you left off last time.

On the way to work or during a break, didactically reduced lessons can be worked on and called up again at any time. Level systems gradually increase the demand and at the same time repeat basic knowledge. Results can be evaluated and repeated at any time until the employee reaches their 100 percent.

However, all of these benefits will never completely replace traditional learning, and that’s a good thing! From my own professional experience I can say that a software or engine can never replace the personal relationship between student and teacher.

What does e-learning software look like?

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