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Smart visitor management
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The partner solution of sycat eLU and redpengoo®.

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Visitor management with sycat-eLU - digital, efficient, smart and DSGVO-compliant

Appointment dispatch, check-in, briefing, contact management

Digital visitor management with sycat eLU

Save up to 67% on overhead costs when briefing and instructing visitors, suppliers and externals!

Control and manage the logins and logouts of your visitors efficiently, automatically and DSGVO-compliant with the visitor management redpengoo® by eKioskand the integrated instruction management sycat eLU.

Stand displays and kiosk systems from redpengoo

From appointment dispatch, personalized initial greeting and issuance of visitor badges to the sycat eLU instruction application, numerous functionalities are already included in the automated check-in with digital access control. With the versatile login and instruction terminals from our partner eKiosk GmbH, you get an efficient all-in-one complete solution for your visitor management. The application’s user interface can be customized to match your company’s corporate design.

Receive visitors and suppliers automatically

With the visitor management redpengoo® including integrated instruction management by sycat eLU you digitalize the entire workflow for the automated access of visitors, suppliers as well as external service providers.

When an appointment is sent by e-mail, a personalized QR code is enclosed, which the visitor uses to log in on site in the entrance area with his smartphone or with a printout via the QR code scanner. In the following, he can connect with his contact person by phone, print his visitor badge and go through the instruction.

The necessary briefings can be completed quickly and conveniently by visitors and guests immediately digitally via desktop PCs, tablets or via the registration terminals, e.g. in the form of stand displays.

Of course, the management and documentation of contact data is centralized, audit-proof and DSGVO-compliant.

Automated visitor management with sycat eLU
sycat-eLU: Stand displays and kiosk systems from redpengoo
sycat-eLU: Stand displays and kiosk systems from redpengoo
sycat-eLU: Stand displays and kiosk systems from redpengoo
sycat-eLU: Stand displays and kiosk systems from redpengoo

Instruction and reception directly at the POS

Reception of visitors in the lobby or foyer? Briefing of suppliers at the entrance? Instruction of employees directly on the production floor? No problem with sycat eLU and the stand displays of our partner eKiosk GmbH.

The extremely versatile displays and kiosk systems for indoor and outdoor use offer your visitors, guests, suppliers and also your own employees convenient access to check-in or briefings to be completed.

Of course, other content can also be offered to your workforce or customers at appropriate positions. How about intranet in the canteen or access to the learning management system and safety instructions directly in the workshops? Corresponding stand displays for harsh environments, such as those found in production halls, are also part of the extensive portfolio from eKiosk. AWe are happy to arrange partner conditions on request.

Automated visitor registration with integrated instruction management

This is how smart visitor management works: Already during the registration process, you can carry out briefings of employees, external personnel, contractors, suppliers, etc., thus ensuring a smooth, resource-saving process.

The instruction management of sycat eLU is already integrated in the visitor management solution redpengoo® of eKiosk in a central platform. In this way, you not only maintain an overview of all access to the company building and factory premises, but also manage the necessary briefings and instructions digitally, verifiably and DSGVO-compliant.

Save time and effort with automated visitor management from sycat eLU

There’s more!

Further functions of sycat eLU

No more competence management via Excel spreadsheet! With the qualification matrix in sycat eLU you can see the competence level of each employee at a glance. Naturally standard-compliant to ISO 9001:2015.

Simply book standard training courses and courses from well-known publishers in SCORM format or use our service to create individual learning content.

Connect online and offline with a single application. Organize face-to-face events, events and blended learning with the seminar manager.

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Further training, customer training, visitor instruction – what possibilities and opportunities does e-learning open up in your company? Find out here in a short and free online analysis!

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We advise you competently on all questions relating to the configuration, integration and potential of your learning management system.

Learning content

Book standard training courses and instructions directly from the catalog or let us develop your individual learning content.

Cloud solutions

Maximum accessibility – maximum data protection. Certainly with our certified cloud solution according to ISO 27001.


We hold extensive introductory workshops and train those responsible and trainers. Online or presence.


We support you with the integration into the IT as well as with the smooth operation. Fast, competent, personal!

IMS integration

Learning management as part of the integrated management system. Integrate e-learning into your process landscape.

Communicate knowledge quickly and safely –
guarantee sustainable learning success
increase long-term efficiency in the company

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