Seminar manager for blended learning
and attendance events

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Plan and conduct face-to-face events

The seminar manager from sycat eLU

Connect online and offline with a single application!

With the seminar manager of sycat eLU you plan and manage your events and presence events safely – no matter if safety instructions, smaller workshops or extensive seminars for hundreds of employees.

This allows you to organize premises in a relaxed manner, keep lists of participants, plan appointments and capacities, and ensure seamless documentation and evaluation.

With sycat eLU you show presence!

More intensive learning with blended learning

In online-only courses on more complex topics, some learners quickly reach a mental impasse.

To prevent these blockages, you can use blended learning to offer employees the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the material to be trained in an introductory seminar, for example. Or you can organize a closing event where questions that have arisen can be answered personally and the knowledge actually learned by the participants can be tested right there and then.

In this way, learning is not only more personalized, but also a more intensive engagement with the learning content is achieved and also really every student is picked up individually.

Implementation support and consulting with sycat eLU

Planning and implementation of face-to-face events

In addition to digital self-study, simultaneous learning in a group continues to be an important component. And especially for safety instructions also legally required.

Fortunately, with sycat eLU’s seminar manager, planning and implementing such events is easy and straightforward.

  • Create presence events directly in the application
  • Organize participants through self-enrollment or central lists
  • Publish the events in the training calendar or on the intranet
  • Use management approvals or multi-step approval workflows
  • Inform through automated emails
  • Always keep an eye on the interest and the number of participants
  • Book and organize appointments, rooms, resources, trainers, staff and catering

Digital follow-up of the seminars

Of course, the evaluation and archiving of attendance events is simply secure with sycat eLU.

This ranges from the automated awarding of certificates and confirmations of participation after successful attendance, to reports and statistics of the results, audit-proof export and archiving of the participant lists, to feedback sheets that can be distributed and evaluated during or after the event.

There’s more!

Additional functions of sycat eLU

No more competency management using Excel spreadsheets! With the qualification matrix in sycat eLU , you can see the level of competence of each individual employee at a glance. Of course, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Simply book standard training courses and courses from well-known publishers in SCORM format or use our service to create individual learning content.

Create an online course from existing PowerPoint slides in minutes? With tests and certificate?

It’s child’s play with the integrated authoring tool from sycat eLU !

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We advise you competently on all questions relating to the configuration, integration and potential of your learning management system.

learning content

Book standard training courses and instructions directly from the catalog or let us develop your individual learning content.

cloud solutions

Maximum accessibility – maximum data protection. Certainly with our certified cloud solution according to ISO 27001.


We hold extensive introductory workshops and train those responsible and trainers. Online or presence.


We support you with the integration into the IT as well as with the smooth operation. Fast, competent, personal!

IMS integration

Learning management as part of the integrated management system. Integrate e-learning into your process landscape.

Communicate knowledge quickly and safely –
guarantee sustainable learning success
increase long-term efficiency in the company

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