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    The joint portal for the railroad industry - e-learning, route knowledge, exchange platform

    Track knowledge and exchange platform for rail-specific learning content

    The joint rail portal for rail & rail

    When it comes to quality and safety in rail transport, the industry is heavily regulated by national or European laws and standards.

    Changes and new versions, such as the European Railway Safety Directive VO (EU) 2016/798 and the new ECM Implementing Regulation 2019/779, lead to an increased need for training and instruction for the thousands of employees in the entire industry.

    With the railroad portal we offer railroad and railroad infrastructure operators, quality and safety representatives as well as manufacturers and maintainers of railroad vehicles and railroad infrastructure a separate and strong e-learning solution with the aim of
    Knowledge exchange
    Competence development
    to massively promote the highest quality and safety standards in railroad technology at all times.

    Digital route information

    The Digital Route Knowledge project was launched with ODEG GmbH – we now offer this service to all interested rail companies.

    A large selection of railway routes, with replacement timetables, jump markers, additional information and attached documents, can be completely virtually navigated in an intuitive user interface.

    More quality on the railroads with safety – digital route knowledge with the rail portal!

    Rail-specific learning content as a service

    We make content fit for the internet! We digitize existing teaching material and use it to create didactically high-quality online courses in the flexible SCORM format, which can be used on all common learning platforms.

    Of course, we can also produce completely new individual learning content on request, in close cooperation with those responsible in the company.

    Exchange platform for learning content

    Benefit from the knowledge of others and in return let others benefit from your know-how!

    All participants can exchange railway-related learning content via an exchange platform.

    You can also easily book standard learning content, such as occupational safety training, first aid, fire protection and much more, via an extensive catalogue.

    Learning platform locally or in the cloud

    sycat eLU is a learning management system that can be used quickly and is preconfigured to your needs, with which you can train, instruct and qualify all employees digitally, whether on the desktop, mobile, in the home office or on the stand display in production.

    If you wish, we can host your personal sycat eLU in the cloud, of course securely and certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001.

    However, sycat eLU is much more than just a learning platform: In connection with the sycat IMS portal, e-learning fits into the world of the integrated management system. Information, knowledge, processes, employees – central and addressed in one system.

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