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This is what stands behind sycat eLU

sycat IMS GmbH has been one of the leading developers of software for integrated management systems for over 30 years. The essential element of our solutions is the targeted distribution of information throughout the organization. We are the interface between the management level and each individual employee in the company.

With sycat eLU we present you not only a standard enterprise learning platform that is (almost) out-of-the-box ready and easy to use. In line with our maxim “There’s more!”, we offer you the entire world of modern digital management at first hand.

Processes, quality, safety and knowledge with sycat!

Integrated management systems with sycat IMS

Based on a then revolutionary innovation in the modeling of business processes, sycat IMS has been decisively driving the development of modern management systems for thirty years now. Based on the processes, sycat’s employee portal is used to record, version and archive information in the company in an audit-compliant manner, as well as to manage and disseminate it in an addressed manner. More than 2,500 large and medium-sized companies are distributing millions of documents, information and e-learnings to over 720,000 employees with software from sycat this very second.

But there is more! Our vision is to bundle all business areas in a central platform that is available company-wide and easy to use. And by “all business units” we really mean all of them:

  • Processes
  • Quality
  • security
  • Environment
  • Document Management
  • Learning Management
  • Knowledge
  • qualifications
  • Measures and tasks
  • Audits
  • Intranet
  • Wiki
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Sven Braun

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Annika Blas Santos

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Melanie Diers


Communicate knowledge quickly and safely –
guarantee sustainable learning success
increase long-term efficiency in the company

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